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Star Trek Project – 0089-01-28


Season 1 Complete!

After 87 works of art as part of my Star Trek Art Project (actually reached with #86, but I just realized today), including 27 episode-based, sequential works, and 60 other works (random sketches etc.), I have now finished following along with Season 1 of Star Trek: The Original Series. I am one third of the way through the original series seasons, and one of many many more in Star Trek as a whole. It is a nice milestone that will keep me continuing!


Over the past few months, I have taken a little break from art, exploring other creative expressions, focussing mostly on music. While it was enjoyable, and I may continue and post some music here in the future, I will be returning to art, my primary creative interest.

I will be resuming work on my Star Trek Project (when time allows), but I have decided to also share some of the photos I have taken over the years. Though I am not an avid photographer in the sense of shooting with every manual setting and advanced equipment, I do enjoy composition and am very happy with some of the photos I have taken over the years. So, I will start sifting through my troves of photos, and will likely post some taken at many different times in the past. I hope you will enjoy! 🙂