Tomorrow is Yesterday

Kirk and John Christopher on the Bridge - ink and marker

Star Trek Project – 0074-01-22


One year of Secret Forest Studio

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Last month marked one year since starting my blog here. In that time, I have created and shared roughly 70 works of art, and feel that my ability has grown (at least a bit). Over the year, drawing has been a relaxing, and cathartic experience, but as time went on it also became increasingly enjoyable, as it started to come more naturally.

I have created more Star Trek fanart than I ever thought I would have, using traditional materials and media, along with a handful of original artwork and other fanart.

I have found the visitors to my blog, and the community here on WordPress very nice, and appreciate all of the positive feedback.

I look forward to another year of art and creativity. In reflecting on how to develop my creativity further, I have decided to make one change. Over the past year, I have tried to share everything I have drawn. While I have found it a positive, and motivating strategy, I sometimes feel that it causes me to self-censor somewhat, and perhaps put some additional pressure on myself as I create. So, starting today, I’m going to carry a small sketch/note-book around with me, in which to both draw, and write poetry. I have done some poetry in the past, but have not yet shared any.

Also, I’m going to be a bit more selective with what I share. I still plan to share 90% of what I do, but I feel that allowing myself to decide after the fact whether to share a piece or not may allow me to create more freely in the first place. While this might sound like there will be less activity here, I believe that by carrying that sketch/note-book around all the time, and frequently working in it, I plan to create even more over the next year.

As I resume my poetry, you may start to see it here alongside my art, but I’m still looking for the right way to share and publish it. Currently, with my artwork, I post it both here and on my deviantArt gallery, and will search for a similar second avenue for my writing.

The past year may have been one of the best in my life for my creativity, as I’ve had a steady pace, a project and goal, and a kind audience, and I look forward to seeing what year two brings 🙂