Life, Music, Art

During the past month or so, significant, joyous events have taken place. It has been a wonderful time, and I am now starting to settle back into a normal routine. Over that time, my creative pursuits took little rest.

I did, however, reflect a bit on that creativity, and came to the realization that although I want to keep art as my primary creative outlet, I shouldn’t avoid other media entirely. Unbounded and unrestricted creativity has the potential to stimulate creativity overall, with exploration in one area activating the mind, and feeding creative expression elsewhere. Consequently, I recently began dabbling in music again, which I have not played with any focus in a very long time. Eventually, perhaps I can share some of that here as well.

I have also picked my art up again, and, although rusty after the break, I have resumed my Star Trek Project. I will not have an opportunity to properly scan and share my artwork for a little while, but here is a preview of some of my recent sketches:

Several Star Trek drawings, from TNG, DS9, and VOY - pencil, ink, and highlighter