Shore Leave

Shore Leave - Kirk talking into communicator - pencil, coloured pencil, ink, marker

Star Trek Project – 0058-01-18


Early Art: Pre-Blog Sketches

These are a few pages from a sketchbook I was working on last year, before I started this blog.

I have blurred out two things: a poem I wrote on the first page, as I might distribute it later in another format, and the name of the person I drew on the second page–a friend I met on an overseas trip.

Self portrait, japanese room and statue, Star Trek communicator and shuttle craft - pencil

Self-portrait, Mario and Yoshi, portrait, Japanese building - pencil

Buildings landscape through window, self-portrait - blue ink

Minions, Patch Adams - blue ink

Batman Quick Sketch No Ref

This isn’t much of a sketch to post after the previous Batman drawing, but I was very happy with it, because I drew it the day after that one, and drew it from memory. I still have difficulty drawing from memory (let alone from imagination, though the two are related), and this may be the first time that it feels like some of my frequent drawing is starting to stick in my mind. Hopefully, over time, and after much more practice, I will be able to draw new things straight from my imagination.
Batman Quick Sketch No Ref - blue ink


I received some new art supplies recently, including new pencils, coloured pencils and pastels, and have started to play with them. I consider myself less comfortable with pencil than ink, but really enjoyed these while drawing Batman. I look forward to getting more acquainted with them!

Batman - pencils, with a touch of pastels and coloured pencil