I have created several larger creative projects over the years, but for each one completed, several others were started, then eventually tucked away to sleep soundly, to potentially be re-awakened at some future time.

Though I am not currently planning on sharing these incomplete projects, I have decided to resume one alongside my current Star Trek Project. It was intended as a webcomic where I could explore creative ideas in a relatively pure and uninhibited manner. It would be a place to improve my art, but also explore the ways in which visual art and written language could be combined. I tentatively named it Journey, to reflect its broad nature, and avoid prematurely narrowing the focus of its content.

I have decided to resume this project because the main reason I have wanted to improve my art was so I could use it as a medium to tell stories. I have always been more interested in becoming a ‘storyteller’ than an ‘artist;’ though in reality, these labels have little meaning.

In any event, I will be posting the first 16 pages I have already made–a mixture of art and writing–and will continue adding to it as I can, while still continuing on my Star Trek Project.


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