Four Disney Artists Paint the Same Tree in Their Own Styles

I’ve only posted one other inspirational/educational video featuring other artists– The Three Amigos Watercolour Painting, and have been meaning to share this one for a while as well.

It shows four different early-era Disney artists painting the same tree in their own unique styles, and how they find common ground working on the same film together.

Certainly ‘historical,’ it is an interesting watch.

* A little reminder again to those seeing this by e-mail: the embedded YouTube video won’t appear by e-mail, and you will have to come directly to the site to watch.


3 thoughts on “Four Disney Artists Paint the Same Tree in Their Own Styles

  1. The flip-side of the video is the analysis of people’s reaction to each painting. The reaction is not meant to define the worth of the painting, yet I ask what determines a reaction, and are there trends and patterns to reactions which spread across many individuals? Was the final depiction of Sleeping Beauty based on a combined “idea” put forward by the artists, or by the reaction of the audience which was most desired?


    1. That’s a good question. A further wrinkle is this: how do these reactions change over time? Look at Disney styles then and now. All have done well, but the style has changed dramatically…


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