Balance of Terror

Balance of Terror - Watercolour, Romulans

Star Trek Project – 0046-01-09


George and the Steam Dragon (Early Art)

In 2010, I created this 30-second video trailer for CGSociety’s CGChallenge XXIII: Steampunk Myths and Legends using blender, Photoshop CS4, Premiere CS4 and After Effects CS4. It is based on the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, re-imagined in the genre of Steampunk.

In the New Steam Age, man has created tall steel cities, and sophisticated technologies that influence all domains of daily life. Some of his creations have proven a curse rather than a blessing. The metropolis Neo-Silene has been plagued by one such beast that periodically descends on the city, straying but a little from its place of dwelling, which the people believe to be a water treatment facility.

George, a wandering knight-errant, will confront the horror that has befallen the city, climbing aboard his steam-powered hovercycle, and setting off toward the creature’s resting place, where he may confront it, and perhaps learn the secrets of the facility…

Below are a few screenshots from the video above. (If you are subscribed by e-mail, remember that the embedded YouTube video won’t show up and you will have to click on the link above or come see this post on the blog directly.)

George and the Steam Dragon Screenshot 1 - George on Hovercycle

George and the Steam Dragon Screenshot 2 - George in Facility

George and the Steam Dragon Screenshot 3 - Steam Dragon

George and the Steam Dragon Screenshot 4 - Fireworks over Neo-Silene

George and the Steam Dragon Screenshot 5 - George and the Steam Dragon

Early Art

Over the next little while, I am going to be posting some of my older artwork from before I started this blog. A few of the pieces are already in my dA gallery, but most are not. I’m only going to be sharing some of the better ones from over the years (some of which may be better than my recent art), but I thought it would be a good time to share some of these works, and also to better mark where I am coming from when I am hopefully a better artist in the future looking back.