Scanning to Success!

A month ago, I tried scanning some of my new artworks so that I could eventually post them here. Unfortunately, The results were not ideal, and the colours appeared washed out. I recently bought an Epson Perfection V600, and the results have been much better. The colours are vivid, and from the first scan, I was happy with what I saw. While the colours are never an exact match to the originals, I believe the essence is captured.

Years ago, I spent time trying to calibrate my monitor perfectly, but kept running into roadblocks. Monitor and printer colour gamuts, RGB versus CYMK colour spaces, and ambient lighting conditions all added difficulty. One day, walking outside, I closed one eye at a time, and realized that subtle colour sensing differences existed with my two eyes. One saw the world with slightly warmer colours, and the other slightly cooler. Who knew what subtle differences others` eyes would see? Realizing that not even my two eyes could agree, I decided to take a new approach to colour issues in art production, which an be summed up in a phrase: “Close enough for jazz.”

Happily, my new scanner passes this test, and I believe that the scanned pieces are almost ready to post, requiring only slight editing first.


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