The Star Trek Project

I have created some drawings and paintings in the past, but they have been few and far between. I feel that some kind of project would help focus my creative energies further. Rather than random sketches, I want something to build on, where I can see both progress in my skill, and progress in my project, where each work means something as part of a larger whole.

A few months ago, around November or December, I decided to begin my Star Trek Project. The original idea was to draw, ink, and watercolour one piece for each episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. If I finished working through all of the episodes, then great! I might even move onto the next series.

Since beginning my ‘Star Trek project’, I have finished just over 30 pieces of fan art, but most have been random sketches, and only four have been based on frames from the episodes in order. I will likely refine my approach over time, but am going to try to continue creating quick, freeform sketches along side more refined and carefully created pieces that follow the episodes in order.

My few pieces have already changed somewhat in style, and I’m sure will change considerably more as I continue to improve my skill and explore different artistic styles and traditional media. While I intend to also produce works that are original and not tied to Star Trek, I have really enjoyed this project so far.


Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I’m Adam, and you can find my main website at

I enjoy creating things, and have in the past done some writing, still art, music, and film, among others. As much as I enjoy these varied media, I have decided to choose one and try to improve more deeply.

I have chosen to focus on visual art. While I do have some experience with it, most has been digitally-based, having done some digital painting, 3D modelling, and photo editing. My skill with the traditional expressions of art—drawing and painting, are not at a very high level. Yet, I have decided to focus on these traditional forms as I find myself drawn to their timeless simplicity.

I will be drawing, painting and sharing the results here. I look forward to the journey and hope you enjoy it too.